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The Development of WellCamp Prefab House in Malaysia & Singapore


On December 13th, 2016, Malaysia and Singapore signed off on high-speed rail. New service to begin by 2026 will cut travel time between capitals to 90 minutes. This agreement will obviously push the development of many industries around it. WellCamp prefab house factory will seize the business opportunity of Malaysia and Singapore high-speed rail agreement to promote modular prefab house for construction team.

WellCamp Prefab House Development in Malaysia & Singapore

As an experienced modular
prefab house factory in China, Wellcamp has cooperated with many Malaysia and Singapore companies. Last week, Malaysia government staff and chamber of commerce member came to WellCamp to visit our sample garden and negotiated the details about purchasing the economic prefab house for local refugees. In fact, the WELLCAMP brand has been famous in Malaysia & Singapore. Every partner who has business with Wellcamp gives high praise to us.

wellcamp modular prefab house

The Wellcamp prefab house is made up of light steel structure and different type of sandwich panel, including EPS, rock wool, glass wool, IEPS and PU, which all depends on your country demand or your design.


If you are interested in our prefab house products, please contact us as soon as you can. We will offer the best service to every customer.


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