Nowadays the video marketing is the marketing trend. Wellcamp keep up with the trend of the times, we do well in video marketing and very professional in making video.

We have three kinds of videos,the first one is micro films, the second one is Company introduction videos and the third one is the products videos.

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With these videos,we sure you will better understand the prefab house area and our container house, steel structure, prefabricated house, light steel villa,portable toilet and so on.

Product videos

Wellcamp Folding Container House Projects video

Wellcamp 2018 New Expandable Container House

2018 New Flat Pack Container House

Wellcamp Shipping Container House for Apartment and Shop

Company videos

Africa Famous Media Interview WELLCAMP

WELLCAMP Prefab House Factory Grand Party

CCTV Interview about Modular Housing Club Training in Wellcamp

Wellcamp Introduction

Micro films

Wellcamp, Moving the world II —  An Inspirational Story About Wellcamp Folding Container House

2016 Wellcamp Folding Container House Micro Film

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