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Wellcamp Folding Container House Choice, Your Best Choice in Indonesia Earthquake


December 7th, 2016, a 6.5 grade earthquake occurred in Aceh Indonesia. It has caused more than 100 people dead. A large number of constructions were destroyed, thousands of people were homeless.

Indonesia Earthquake

wellcamp folding container house for Indonesia

At this time, reconstruction and appeasing people has become an important task to Indonesia government. Meanwhile, in order to help the Indonesian government deal with the earthquake disaster as soon as possible, the Chinese government decided to provide 1 million dollars cash to Indonesian government.

wellcamp folding container house

As a professional 100% export prefab house manufacturer, Wellcamp focuses on prefab refugee house for more than 10 years and has cooperated with many countries’ governments such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Indonesia, etc.

When it comes to saving time, transportation and installation cost refugee house, Wellcamp would like to recommend our new product
prefab folding container house as the best choice for reconstruction after disaster.

Wellcamp prefab folding container house has several advantages:

1. Can be movable and portable by crane or forklift.

2. Simple installation, 4 people with 10 minutes can build one container house. 7 days we can build a city.
3. The steel structures we use can resist heavy wind of 120km/h and 7 grade earthquakes.
4. Using the IEPS panel for wall and roof, the folding container houses have a good performance in fire proof solution.

Not just for refugee house, our folding container house can also be used for accommodation, office, store room and even labor camp. Different types meet your different demands.

If you’re interested in our company or product, feel free to contact us please.


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