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Asia famous TV station interview Wellcamp folding container

If you need a home, we're always be here with you.
To be a world brand with love, Wellcamp was reported by famous Asian media - 7 Days recently. It showed wellcamp's popular product - folding container house, and the appreciation from countries' government. It was the folding container house product, create amount of house in the disaster reconstruction. It was this prefabricated container house, recreated home to those people who lose their home in the suffering.
Afghan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and even more countries, we are struggling to extend our hands to those homeless people. We're always on the way to gathering the love together.
The folding container house reported in the news is famous in Saudi Arabia, Qatar Oman and other middle east countries for various application. It's easy set up and durable with good fire proof and noise proof performance, suits for temporary construction. We believe it will be widely used in the future.
If you are interested in this folding container house, after watching this video, please click here If you have any questions, please contact us right now and we will answer you soon.
This Prefabricated labor camp was built in Doha, Qatar, which more than 100500 square mater. Inside have the office, dormitory, restaurant, WC room, shower room, Recreation room, health room and security room. 6000 labors live in it. This prefab labor camp can be recycled and can use more than 20 years.

Cooperate with government,10 years practical experience.

Cooperate with international company, UCC group. Bin ladin Group.

Excellect design and service team,which is 10 years experience.

Excellent installation team,which is 15 years experience.

Why government choose us?
1. F2C commercial model. Ensure the best price to your hand.
2. 9 years practical trading experience with the governments.
3. Beside the machines, the whole production line has3 times quality check.
4. 32 engineers around the world, ensure the houses can be installed smoothly.
Prefab House Company Exhibition
Why international company choose us?
1. F2C commercial model. Ensure the best price to your hand.
2. 10 years practical trading experience with the international campanies.
3. More than 2000 kinds of products for your choosing.
4. One people special charge the whole solution for your order.

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