Benefits of Folding Container Houses


Container houses of all shapes and sizes are growing in popularity. The options for customisation are seemingly endless, and the costs for construction and maintenance tend to be overall lower than traditional stick homes. Folding container houses are a newer trend in the world of container homes. Folding container houses are designed to be assembled or disassembled quickly. A small crew can set up a folding container house in less than a day. And, the folding design allows for easier disassembly and recycling, which is great for short term housing needs. Folding container homes are a terrific option for temporary labour housing, offices at worksites, vacation homes, guest houses, a contemporary alternative to the she-shed’ or man cave’, or an effective solution for any housing crisis.

Folding Container Houses can be Environmentally-friendly

There is some debate on this topic, but the perception is that container housing is made from repurposed shipping containers and is, therefore, a recycled material. With big numbers thrown around the industry like 14 million out of service shipping containers, it certainly seems like container homes are making good use of a readily available and otherwise unused product. At least it looks that way on the service. In reality, most folding container homes are constructed from single-use containers that still have a lot of life left in them. They are not typically made from decommissioned shipping containers.

Folding container houses can still be a very eco-friendly housing option. It just depends on how they are built out. Adding solar panels, composting toilets, and rainwater collection and filtration systems are some great ways to make a container home more environmentally-friendly. Plus, containers can be scaled down to micro-living, which naturally reduces the footprint of the home on the environment.

Folding Container Houses have Lower Transportation Costs

When a traditional container has been modified to fold down the sides, the volume is reduced to one-fifth of the size of a regular container, which makes folding container houses more affordable to transport to the building site. With lower costs to transport materials to the building site and less labour needed to assemble, folding container houses can be a lower-cost option. Be careful not to assume that a folding container house will be a less expensive option. There are many factors, and the dollars can add up when you finish out the container home.

Folding Container Homes is a Modern, Minimalist and Stylish Micro-living Solution

If tiny living is something that appeals to you, a container home is a great option. With the smallest construction offering just 100 square feet of floor space, a single container can be built out to be a completely habitable abode. And, with high-end finishes, you can enjoy micro-living without feeling like you are giving up any luxuries. Containers are rectangular and can be fitted with large windows with some welding to reinforce the frame, which naturally lends itself to a modern design aesthetic.

Folding Container Homes are Solution to Housing Crisis

In cities all across the United States, there is a housing crisis. From inner-city homelessness to victims of domestic abuse, the US Department of Housing and Urban Planning estimates that there are nearly half a million homeless in the United States alone. Folding container homes can provide an easy and cost-effective solution to the housing crisis in America. The tiny living trend has shown us that people from all walks of life require very little space to live comfortably. A single shipping container is sufficient for one or two adults. The folding container houses are portable, efficient to set up. One manufacturer even suggests that an entire city of folding container houses can be erected in just seven days with a crew of 3 men.

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Folding Container Houses are an Affordable Option

Many millennials are now ready for homeownership, but lacking the finances due to constraints of student loan debt, low wages, and a poor job market. Folding container homes are an affordable solution for providing their own space. This is not to say that a container home cannot exceed the costs of a traditional stick-built house. It all depends on the size, features, and finishes that are used. The great thing about folding container homes is that they are highly customizable. They can be built anywhere from 100 square feet to 5,000+ square feet just by using more containers. They can be stacked on top of one another for multi-level housing, or welded together for a single level living. Many container housing manufacturers offer custom design services to make your vision a reality.

Folding Container Houses are Durable, Low-Maintenance Dwellings

Shipping containers are made of steel which is a durable, low-maintenance material. Steel containers are not susceptible to wood-eating pests like termites. For the actual container, there are only two main areas of consideration. The first is rust which the steel structure will be prone to, especially in locations near the ocean where the structure is regularly exposed to salt. Rust should be treated and reinforced during construction, and the entire structure should be painted to prevent further rusting. Re-application of paint will be necessary as the paint wares to prevent further corrosion. Dents, specifically in the roof, are another area of concern for container homes. As shipping containers are used for their original purpose, they will likely be denied. Identifying and addressing those dents during construction is vital to the longevity of a container home. The flat roof is also a weak spot and dents in the flat roof can cause pooling of water that will eventually lead to leaks into the home. Many builders and dwellers opt to add a secondary roof to the shipping container.

The benefits of a folding container house over a traditional container house are the potential cost-savings associated with transportation and labour to set up. Folding container houses are also a great portable option for temporary housing solutions. Following the footsteps of the tiny house trend towards micro-living, shipping container homes add an eco-friendly aspect by repurposing old shipping containers into new homes.

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