Being modularized, container houses are now taking over Traditional Prefab Houses market shares. It is not only popular in resorts, villas, shops or motels and container houses but also widely applied in camp projects.

Container houses can be very flexible. They can be transported by trailers to anywhere conveniently when needed without the trouble of assembling everything together once again at the new site. Thanks to its unique modularity, container houses can joint together for buildings up to 3 floors. With the special looking, container buildings are popularly adapted in various designs. Last but not the least, container buildings & container camps has stronger structure and more stability due to the way of combining individual units.


The container office design is very flexible,serval units container can connect together. Flat pack container house is the best choice for the contianer office design, as the fast construction and modern looking. China affordable container office, modern container offce building for sales.


Our folding container house is the best suggestion for the labor camp dormitory, as 4 minutes can install one house, 7 days can build a city. The installation just need a crane and four workers,very convenient. For the refugee house, our foldable container house also the best choice.


As the container houses can be portable and mobile, now the container shop are widely use.Shipping container house is the best choice for the container shop design, as modify from the real shipping container, very strong with the completed unit.Wellcamp container shop for container camp.

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