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This container school around 2850m2, inside have container classroom, container office, container kitchen, container canteen, container function room, container meeting room,container shop and container dormitory. This project is going to been built in South Africa, around 600 students can study and live in it. With beautiful and modern environment decoration, we believe the students will love here and study well here.


These container classroom building is combined by several flat pack container houses.Normal 4 sets container houses connected for one classroom, around 57.3 square meter and 24 students can study in it. Each floor have two public toilets.


The design of the office is very flexible, several flat pack container houses combined. Already have the multifunctional electrical system and modern PVC decoration inside, put the furniture that can work inside.


For the container dormitory building , our flat pack container house is strong enough to been designed for one floor, two floor or three floor. One flat pack container house can be designed one room and one toilet, two students can live in it.


Inside have football fields, basketball courts, square, botanical garden, very beautiful and elegant environment. Around 600 students can study in it happily.

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