A Small Guide Of Prefab Container House


Prefab container houses, as a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly solution, have been popular in many industries. However, it is a problem for many consumers that they should choose which kinds of prefab container houses. Therefore, we would like to give a brief introduction of three types of prefab container houses to help you have a more clear understanding of that.

expandable container house            

The expandable container house is one of the most interesting container houses which you can buy because this container house can be expanded according to your needs. So ultimately, it depends on how big or small you want your container house to be. And if you are not so sure as to how big you want your container house to be, don't be afraid as you can always expand it, which also means that you get to choose how many bedrooms and toilets that you want to have in your container house.

I think that it is very convenient to have the choice to decide how much space I want in my container house. If I know that I will have some guests in my container house, later on, I can expand the house to increase the space that I need for my guest. Besides that, the expandable container house is straightforward to install, cost-effective and time-saving so I highly recommend this container house. The layouts of the house can range from having only one living room, a living room with a toilet, a living room with a bathroom and bedroom, and finally a living room with a bathroom and two bedrooms.

flat pack container house            

The flat pack container house is perfect in terms of providing a huge amount of space, but at the same time, that is cost-effective. The prefab container house is usually completely waterproof, wind and earth resistant as well, so it's perfectly safe to live in. The process of installation of this house is very easy, and it does not require a huge amount of time to set up as well. The house consists of two boxes stacked up on top of the other where the living room is on the first floor while the bedroom is on the second floor.

Apart from that, there is also a huge deck on the first floor to provide some space to put some decorations and coffee tables to make the front door of the house looks to be more welcoming. The prefab container house is also durable and has been tested to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

shipping container house            

The modified shipping container house, one type of container house, has been decorated according to the design, which is desired by the clients. There are many models for the shipping container house. The most popular model that is available is the one that has two floors, and a stair with windows installed stretching from the second to the first floor.

Apart from that, the most common thing that the modified shipping container house has is that most of these houses have space above the second floor used for recreational purposes. That is one of the interesting things about this prefab container house. The installation process is just as simple and cost-effective as the other container houses. On top of that, you may also choose the color that you want for your prefab container house. The one thing that makes this prefab container house to be more appealing is because it has a large amount of space compared to other container houses which in turn makes it very comfortable to live in.

Various prefab container houses have different functions and advantages. Choosing the most suitable container houses is better than choosing the expensive one.                                                                            

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