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China Modular Housing Club First Training in Wellcamp


WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Modular Housing Club Training in Wellcamp-


The first training of China Modular Housing Club was held in Wellcamp.

There were about 40 companies with more than 130 people here. Teachers analyzed
everyone's character and raised the points about how we can be a best sales engineer.
This training appealed CCTV to interview and they spoke highly of it.

From sign up, reception, guide, site arrangement and site control, following the whole 
process, Wellcampers performed so fantastic that every trainer appraised us as strong 
execution team. 

Siwen, our Wellcamp boss, shared how he got a ten-million-dollar order to everyone, 

which is the practical experience. Depends on our sales, technique, engineer and after
-sale department, Wellcamp is developing better and better.

Keep training, improving and developing in order to meet your demands.
Wellcamp devotes to be NO.1 brand for prefab labour camp!

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