China Modular Housing Club Second Traing in Wellcamp

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The second training of china modular housing club has successfully held in August 6th,2016.

There were more than 50 corporations with 150 people here. This training main typical was
team construction. In the training, in order to meet the theme of training, Wellcampers showed
their teamwork and won the sand table game finally. Then wellcamp shared the team building
experience through the training. In the end of the training, every participant acclaimed that
wellcampers were having strong independent work ability and upstanding team spirit.


Siwen chen, wellcamp’s boss, insists that develop a professional team by finding
out and take f
ull advantage of everyone’s potential is our core idea.

When it comes to our products, we use the same idea that we study every product
deeply and
improve constantly to make sure our customers use it with sense of
security and satisfaction.

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