Peace Vision


                                                                                   War - constant gun sounds, fire and crying. Everyone expects peace. After the war, people will be homeless. Then they will recreate their homes in the fastest way. Such the prefab folding container house is the best choice. Because of the common pursuit of peace, the peaceful world will come true. In order to save money and time, people build a lot of  prefab container house quickly. Since then, the prefab house brand of WELLCMAP has been well known all over the world.

WELLCAMP folding container house

The power of the brand is beyond time, space, borders and behavior. It represents the enterprise's tireless pursuit. Because of the relentless pursuit, we can continue to break through the limits. Because of the relentless pursuit, our products are getting better and better now! More than 8 countries are using WELLCAMP
Army color folding container house

WELLCAMP focuses on folding container house for 17 years. WLLCAMP continues to pray for the peace coming to the world one day.                                                                            

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