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folding container house
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New Style Mobile Sandwich Panel Prefab House For Security Room, Wellcamp T-7

Sandwich Panel House
Sandwich Panel House
  • Sandwich Panel House
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Sort Name Specification
Size Length 5.8m
Width 3.3m
Height 3m
Total area 19.14m²
Steel structure Column Square tube
Beam Square tube
Purlin c section steel
Panel Wall panel 50mm EPS sandwich panel
Roof panel 50mm EPS sandwich panel
Accessories Window 1200*930 aluminum sliding window
Door 880*2040 steel door
Payment terms FOB C&F CIF
Transfer T/T LC DP
MOQ > 3 sets
T Prefabricated House Plan Drawing
T Prefabricated House Characteristics
1. Compared with the civil building, easy construction, low cost, time-saving and labor saving.
2. The steel structures make the house resisting heavy wind of 120km/h and 7 grade earthquakes.
3. It has a good fire proof, noise proof and heat insulation performance.
4. Anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for more than 15 years without any building garbage.
5. Environmental-friendly materials, the house can be assemble and disassemble six times.
6. 300mm high flat level can meet the foundation of the house.
7. 6 people one team, one day can install more than 100 square meters.

T Prefabricated House Accessories Materials

We firmly believe success depends on details. In order to ensure our excellent quality, beside professional talent, advanced technology, we also has 3 person responsibilities for quality Inspection. Our production line has 3 times quality check. Fist time is before production check, which for the raw materials’ thickness and quality. Second time is middle production check, which for the welding, descaling and the size. Third time is after production check, which for the painting and the package.

Our T prefabricated House Advantage

We believe that the perfect quality is our pride, what push us move forward greatly is more and more customers’ reorganization and flowing. Establish and protect our own brand is we always seek.

Prefabricated Container Technical parameter
Wind resistance Grade 11(wind speed≤120 km/h)
Earthquake resistance Grade 7
Snow load capacity of roofing 0.6 kn/m²
Live load capacity of roofing 0.6 kn/m²
External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient 0.35 kcal/m²hc
Wall permitted loading 0.6 kn/m²
Density of cement board 37kg/m²
Density of EPS 12 kg/m²
Delivery time Normally 20-25 days
Container loading 300 m2/HQ
T Prefabricated House Installation Photos

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Customized Service

1.If you have the mobile prefab house plan, pls send us, we will give you good price and advice.
2.If you do not have the mobile prefab house plan, pls tell us your requirement, we design for you.