What is the transportation method and hoisting technology of Container rental house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-23
It is not strange to see residential containers in the city, even many factories are made up of containers. In recent years, Container rental housing has been applied and developed for several years, and the industry has gradually matured. More and more customers have begun to choose this leasable container mobile house product, however, some customers who have used container activity houses for a period of time will also return the container activity houses to the manufacturers after the end of the project. At present, most of the Wellcamp container rental house manufacturers have their own truck cranes, which can carry out the hoisting and transportation of container activity houses. Generally speaking, container activity House manufacturers have one or two truck cranes, in this way, the container activity room required by the customer can be sent to the location designated by the customer, and the container activity room products that the customer needs to return can also be pulled back to the factory. However, with the development of the container mobile House industry and the increase of transactions, more and more container mobile house products need to be transported to customers, and more container mobile house products need to be pulled back to the factory from customers, in this way, the truck-mounted cranes purchased by many factories themselves cannot cope with the transportation of these container movable houses, and they need to hire other vehicles outside to assist in hoisting and transportation. In many cities with better development of Container rental housing industry, many drivers have seen the prospect and bottleneck of container mobile housing industry and started to buy truck cranes to participate in it and cooperate with container mobile housing manufacturers, better deliver the container activity room products required by the customer to the designated place, and can quickly pull the container activity room products that the customer needs to return back to the factory. Container rental houses are affordable and more durable than other movable house products, which can make people live more at ease and comfortable. With the expansion of business, more efforts are needed to make adjustments in transportation, ensure that products can be better delivered to customers.
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