Economic Prefab Dormitory House in Saudi Arabia Project

Basic Information

When we received this order, we planned a preliminary prefab dormitory house solution according to the customer’s description.


Key Challenges:

1. Construction of campsite facilities on a remote dry desert location.

2. Extreme weather conditions on this remote dry and high temperature desert location tested the quality and durability of our prefab houses and facilities.

3. Low budget for this project means we need to try our best to decline the cost and ensure the quality of the products.



1. According to the local weather, we suggested to ues the fire-proof sandwich panel which we called rock wool panel for wall and roof.

2. For lower cost, we use this type of house – K house whose steel structures are C section steel, pre-made in the factory. The workers install the house by only using bolts and screw nuts to fix the connection plate. The steel structures are exposed outside. All of these solutions can cut the cost and time of installation.


    STEEL: C section steel

    ROOF: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel

    WALL: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel

    DOOR: Steel door

    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window

    FLOOR: Plywood

The area of this project is about 2,800 square meters. Intended use for dormitory building, these fabrications can hold more than 1,000 people no matter for living or working. Besides dormitory, they can be used as office, toilets, kitchens, recreation rooms and so on.

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