Wellcamp Modular Homes for Labor Camp in Qatar Project

Basic Information

Modular homes project in Qatar is for labor camp which are the dormitories for the labors working on site. The weather in Qatar is hot all year, the temperature can reach 45℃ in Aug and Qatar is a country full of oil and nature gas. So the prefabricated houses in Qatar should be the one with better performance of heat resist and fire proof. Facing with this situation, we use the rock wool sandwich panels as the wall and roof panel. We’ve done many kinds of Qatar project before.


Project Overview

Time: 2015

Location: Qatar

Type: Worker labor camp

Area: 3000m²


These modular homes are used as labor camp, worker camp etc.


1. Easy installed and disassembled

2. Green and Eco-friendly 100% recyclable materials

3. Light steel construction

4. Strong fire proof, heat resistance

5. Factory competitive price



    STEEL: C section steel
    ROOF: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel
    WALL: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel
    DOOR: Steel door
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window
    FLOOR: Cement board

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