Wellcamp steel structure building second project in Qatar

Basic Information

The customer invited Siwen, Boss of Wellcamp, to visit the local construction site when the second steel structure project is proceeding. The steel structure buildings are for prefab house material production and storage.


Project Overview

Time: 2016

Location: Saudi Arabia

Type: Steel structure building

Area: 3600m²


1. The first project finished with the steel structure building for workshop is spoken highly by our customer.

2. The galvanized gutter for water flowing through the building.

3. Durable quality color steel sheet to resist heat and prevent fire.
4. Overall project time savings, easy and fast installed.

5. Greater cost control, factory competitive price.

6. Two-storey design saves more space.



    STEEL: H beam
    ROOF: 0.476mm color steel sheet
    WALL: 0.476mm color steel sheet
    DOOR: Electric rolling gate
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window

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