WellCamp Folding Container House in Qatar


Foshan Daily reported that China Railway Construction Corporation Limited won 5.2 billion RMB orders of the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup main stadium construction rights on November 28th, 2016. It brought opportunities for Foshan export of building materials.

Siwen, director of Guangdong WELLCAMP Building Materials CO., LTD has been optimistic about Qatar's building materials market. In 2014, the WELLCAMP brand entered the Qatar building materials market. Now, in 2016, WELLCAMP prefab house factory brings its folding container house products to Qatar to start a new history, a fast installation and time-saving building history. Our folding container house is so convenient that it has been hot-sale in Qatar for a while since we brought it there. WELLCAMP has been the biggest folding container house exporter to Qatar.

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After two years, WELLCAMP enjoys a certain reputation in the local of Qatar and has constructed many projects, cooperating with local companies, including steel structure, prefab house, prefab villa and container house.

WellCamp Folding Container Houses in Qatar

Next year, creating better products is the goal of WELLCAMP. We will provide more comfortable prefab houses for everyone.

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