Wellcamp Cooperated With Domestic Famous Racing Team


Recently the SpiritZ Team who is warranted GT-R Sports Car has won the champion in the China GT championship.

 SpiritZ cooperated with Wellcamp  
   Wellcamp and SpiritZ, one is the world famous housing enterprise which completes the installation of the folding container house within 4minutes, the other one is owned “Mars GT-R” with 2.7sec reaching to 100km/h speed in the domestic famous racing team.  

     In June, Wellcamp Cooperated With SpiritZ!!

 The Wellcamp Detachable Container has a good fireproof, noise proof and heat insulation performance. The container is environmental and movable by crane and forklift.
WELLCAMP container house

 The project leader Frank said that with the craftsmanship and dedication, we insist on best service from the discussion, carrying out surveys, design drawings to the project implementation. The installation is done by 13 years of experienced engineers.

 WELLCAMP container house

Finally, Wellcamp cooperated with the SpiritZ successfully.


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