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Wellcamp Takes You into the Qatar Market – ONE BELT ONE ROAD Promotion Meeting


In responding to the country's ONE BELT ONE ROAD national strategy and the new normal international trade, a promotion meeting about "the most potential middle east market - Qatar" was held in Foshan. Wellcamp is the only one business representative from Foshan. Siwen, the general manager of Wellcamp, shared his foreign trading and the Middle East market developing experiences with the entrepreneurs.

WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Wellcamp Take You Into the Qatar Market –

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. In 2012, in order to promote the development and construction of distributive economic, the Qatar government carried out a series of construction plans. However, Qatar is weak in the local manufacturing industry. As an experienced exported enterprise, Wellcamp Group shows great interested in the huge market opportunity of Qatar. In 2015, Wellcamp had the honor to get to know the Qatari royal family and gained their praises and supports.

"Qatar market is a huge market to Wellcamp", said Siwen. In 2015, Siwen led his business team to Qatar. What they can see was the poor building sites, but it’s full of business opportunities. At that time, the Qatar government was in need of country construction, but they were lack of developed prefab house manufacturing experiences. When Wellcamp brought a bunch of products, matured technology and project cases, Wellcamp became the focal point in the local exhibition and even got the attention from Qatar royal family. With the matured products, hard quality and warm service, the Qatar royal family was totally impressed by the Wellcamp group.
WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Wellcamp Take You Into the Qatar Market – -1

Guided by the success in 2015, Wellcamp started a new fight in 2016. We got into the local project and building sites, promoted our new products to Qatar government in the meeting and exchanged the experiences with the local enterprise.

It’s not an area to fight alone for each different industry. It’s an area to cooperate and create a well commercial environment to make the customers feel great and they will be more willing to make orders here, instead of searching market in other countries. Siwen emphasized in the speech.

Wellcamp, to be NO.1 brand for prefab labor camp.



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