Japan NHK TV Station Report Wellcamp Folding Container House


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What a amazing news, Wellcamp folding container house is warmly welcomed in Japan and reported in Japan’s largest TV station NHK and local TV 

stations Qビズ. Because of its convenient and fast installation.In these two TV Reports, show people the whole foldable cabin installation was completed in 7 minutes 

by two workers and its cabin design functions in shop and office. Which is shock the TV journalists.

As the main product of wellcamp, folding container house is constantly updated and upgraded by the technical innovation team by 8 times.  At present our folding 

container house design standard is produced in accordance with higher international standards and specifications,which can withstand 8 magnitude 

earthquakes and 120 kilometers per hour typhoon,most advanced roof bayonet connection method to ensure the roof is 100% waterproof. These improved 

technology is highly recognized by customers with strict quality control such as Europe, America and Japan.

Every year sold more than 8000 units folding container houses around the world and our quality have already pas the CE, ASTM, BV, UL, ISO9001, SGS Certificated. 

Facts have proved that the innovation and quality of wellcamp has reached the leading position in the prefabricated container house industry in China.

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