It is said that the container hotel that can be moved, and the fabricated container building is enduring

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-01
【Abstract] Different from the traditional hotel's stereotyped style, Jiafang Tiancheng container hotel has been positioned to take containers as a platform from the beginning, the traditional hotel service concept is integrated with the fashionable artistic design thinking and the brand concept in the experiential business era to create a * consumer experience for consumers. In the specific projects of container hotel buildings, the advantages are the changeable style positioning and the pursuit of the differentiation of theme rooms. Humble abode will share with you the container hotel that can be moved, and the assembled container building will last for a long time. With the hot rise and rapid popularization of prefabricated buildings, container building is no longer the endorsement of novelty and fashion. However, designers' bold attempts, clever design and the final eye-catching effect make the fabricated building enduring. The 20 feet-foot container hotel designed in Australia has attracted the attention of the world. Its bright spot is the advantage of formal fabricated buildings-Folding and packaging, easy to transport and install. As mentioned earlier, integrated architecture breaks the drawbacks of traditional architecture and makes architecture a 'walking Art'. The design possibility of container house encourages people to think differently, design, build and live according to the way I imagined the building. Not only that, any place can be the foothold of my dreamer. Each room of the Australian container hotel is equipped with an oversized double bed, toilet with bathtub and bar counter. There is an independent deck rest area outside, with sunshade on the top of the head, and the warm and genial sunshine on the Australian coast enters the room through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The key point of the container house is that it is portable and can be built as you go, but this will not affect the interior design of the house at all. Each room has its own characteristics. If you are only allowed to be indoors, you would never have thought that such a house could be moved to the seaside, into the jungle and the countryside. Use containers to build the accommodation environment of star hotels, transform mobile hotel suites, use environmentally friendly materials for heat insulation and sound insulation, equipped with high-end hotel infrastructure, the hotel's internal environment is spacious and comfortable, 'clothing, food, living and traveling is convenient and quick, realizing 'traveling in life and living in travel'. The advantage of * is that it can migrate according to the changes of tourism seasons in various places and is not limited by geographical environment, make you closer to nature.
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