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"Efficient Office and Meeting Spaces: Elevate Your Camp Experience with High-Quality Prefabricated Flat Pack Container Houses!"

"Efficient Office and Meeting Spaces: Elevate Your Camp Experience with High-Quality Prefabricated Flat Pack Container Houses!"
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100 Square Meters
Delivery Time
20-25 days
Nansha/Huangpu Port
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product-Efficient Office and Meeting Spaces: Elevate Your Camp Experience with High-Quality Prefabri


  Discover WELLCAMP's innovative  DETACHABLE Container House – the ultimate solution for your modular camp needs! Our container camps redefine convenience, offering versatile structures for various applications. From container offices to dormitories, toilets to prefab labor camps, each unit is expertly designed for durability and mobility.

  Our DETACHABLE Container House  are available for sale, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for your camp requirements. Ideal for site canteens and clinics, these modular units can be customized to fit your specific needs. With a focus on comfort and functionality, our container dormitories and offices ensure a productive and cozy environment.

  Constructed with high-quality materials, these eco-friendly units are not only durable but also promote sustainability. The flat pack design allows for easy transportation, making it a perfect choice for projects requiring mobility.

  Transform your camp experience with WELLCAMP's DETACHABLE Container House  – a seamless blend of versatility, durability, and mobility. Elevate your living and working spaces with our innovative solutions!


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Come as parts & assemble at site! No need cement foundation! Full manual install! No heavy machinery needed! Available for mountain areas or locations with transport problems! Save your equipment cost & move easier! Combine together modularly! Larger unit Space!



-Wide range of application.

-Customized size, Ordinary size (3M*6M*2.8H).

-No need crane to install.

-Can load in 20ft container, 15 sets can be loaded in a 40ft HQ .

-Separate steel structure,Convenient for shipment and transportation.

-High quality control, WELL performance of waterproof, fireproof & heat-insulation.

-Center bump-up & side gutter draining system ensures no water staying on roof top.

       -Columns & beams fasten to corner parts + Roof truss & Bottom frame + supports ensure product strength! 



product-WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Efficient Office and Meeting Space


 Advantage: Can be manually installed & uninstalled; All parts can be moved manually; easy construction, cost-saving, time-saving , labor-saving and transportation convenient. 

 Mobility: can move by Crane or Forklift.

 Electricity: need to install locally. Can be install inside or outside walls, run over ceiling;

 Wall & roof: Fire proof, water proof, corrosion-resistance, sound-insulating, heat-insulating; Environmental-friendly materials, can be assembled and disassembled, flexibly fix. Can use for 15-25 years.

 Structure: Modularized; All the steel structures are galvanized & bake-painted, normally can use for more than 50 years.



Company Information

GUANGDONG WELLCAMP STEEL STRUCTURE & MODULAR HOUSEING CO.,LTD is a 100% exporting factory which has more than 20 years experiences in prefab housing area. Our factories locate in Zhao Qing city, Guangdong, China, area 20000m² and office locates in Foshan city, Guangdong, China. We have a professional team of installation engineers with more than experiences in more than 80 countries & regions. WELLCAMP dedicates to offer prefab solution for container housessteel structure warehouses & workshops, portable toilet, etc.

WELLCAMP have successful completed many projects in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Mozambique, Congo, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and other countries around the world. We have also shipped to USA, Germany, Australia, Pacific Islands, Carribean islands, South America etc.

Our REVOLUTIONAL product – FOLDING CONTAINER HOUSE can easily set up in 4 minutes and have successfully shipped to USA, Germany, France, Australia, Japan & many different countries. We also have our Economic Flat Pack Container Houses, Luxury Flat Pack Container Houses, Detachable Container Houses, Enhanced Detachable Container Houses, 20ft Expandable Container Houses, 40ft Expandable Container Houses, Luxury Modified Shipping Container Houses, Container Villas, Container Offices & Container Classrooms etc. WELLCAMP dedicates to offer the most integrated camp site prefabricated buildings & facilities solutions with our love & passion. WELLCAMP, Moving the World.




Q1. Are you the factory or the trading company?

A1.We are the factory which located in Zhaoqing city, and office in Foshan city,China.


Q2. What products do you offer?

A2.  We focus on prefab labor camp, steel structure, container houses, modular villa for more than 14 years.


Q3. What is your payment term?

A3. The payment term are TT and L/C.


Q4. What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity) ?

A4. For the prefab house is 200 square meters and 1X40HQ for container house or small units house.


Q5. Do you have the experience to cooperate with the government?

A5. As a famous brand, Wellcamp has successfully completed many projects with government, international joint venture, construction company and charity organization in various fields of oil, military camps and emergency function in Saudi Arabia, UAE , Qatar, Sudan , Mozambique, Congo, Brazil, Mexico, India, ,Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. In the recent years.


Q6. How is your after-sales service?

A6. Any question, welcome to contact us.24 hours available for you.

2. One order, one special person to follow the whole production.

3. For the house install, we will give you the 3D install drawing. If you need, we also can send you an engineer to teach your workers, but you have to charge the double ticket, accommodation, food and salary.


Q7. What information should we offer before you quote?

A7. you have the drawing, pls give us and tell us the material you use.

If no drawing, pls tell us the usage and the size of the house, then we design for you with the good price.

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