Container supporting facilities vegetable garden, Australian Container community garden

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-11
【Abstract] Built in containers without foundation, it is a temporary building and will be demolished two years later. During the past two years, mass popularization and experience will be carried out; The second phase of the project is expected to start from 2016. It is planned to build 10 households, supporting 1000 m² multi-storey laboratory buildings, and it is possible to add 15 households; The third phase of the project is expected to build 100 households by 2017, with 10000 m² square meters of standard multi-storey residential buildings, either rented or sold. Humble dwelling King shares the container supporting facilities vegetable garden and Australian Container community garden for you. Are you still worried about food safety? Have you ever thought about growing vegetables yourself? Little Veggie Patch Co of Australia. The planting community was moved into the CBD of the city, allowing residents to enjoy planting and enjoy safe and delicious vegetable food. Little Veggie Patch Co. In cooperation with Fed Square, a Pop Up Patch (PUP)The community garden. Compared with the high-rise buildings nearby, PUP is like the back garden in the city, becoming another scenery in the city. Pop Up Patch has about 140 breeding boxes for PUP members to rent. You can grow your favorite vegetables and enjoy them, enjoying the joy of self-sufficiency. Considering the seasonality and temporality of PUP, they put two 20-foot containers in the garden. The recycling, mobility and durability of the containers meet the needs of PUP. The gray-red container facade has been cut and transformed into a folding door and window, which can be used when needed, which is convenient and fast. The sign of pop up patch stands on the top plate, which is very obvious. The interior of the PUP Container Store has been simply decorated, with shelves and various equipment for display of gardening supplies for sale and community and studio activities. A box on the right side was used for ecological creative production experiments. The entire half wall was filled with partitions, 3D printers, CNC Engraving machines and various cutting, drilling, spraying tools and utensils. The family is comparable to a small supermarket. He makes and repairs many objects and facilities in his life.
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