Can Container rental houses be selected for building houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-16
As container rental housing has many advantages, it can be moved and reused, and its safety, durability, sound insulation and heat insulation are getting better and better, and its appearance is becoming more and more diversified. What is important is low cost, high quality and low price. You can also use multiple stacks together. Because living containers have so many advantages, some people ask whether it is OK to build container houses in rural areas. The following small editor can help you analyze. At present, domestic container rental houses mostly exist in the form of temporary houses such as temporary movable houses and camp project houses. There are several reasons for this existence: the domestic Homestead approval procedures are cumbersome; The service life of container houses is relatively short; The influence of people's ideas and concepts leads to the limitations of domestic container houses in the field of residential houses. At present, the important factors for building houses and self-building houses in China are the land use permit and Homestead permit. Only when the basic land problem is solved can houses be built. At present, whether it is urban or rural, the approval and utilization of land are relatively strict and controlled. Therefore, it is a matter of having more pipe cards to build container houses and self-built houses. The service life of container houses is shorter than that of traditional brick-concrete structures. As container houses are movable houses, their service life is generally about 10 years; However, the life of traditional brick-concrete structure houses is generally more than 40 years. From this point of view, brick-concrete structure houses are due to container houses. This is also the reason why container houses are suitable for temporary activities rather than residential houses. In the traditional consciousness, the building is made of brick-tile, brick-concrete and steel-concrete structure. The concept awareness of Wellcamp container rental housing, movable board housing and steel structure housing has not been popularized for more than 50 years in China, and needs to be popularized to a certain extent. It can be seen from the above points that residential container houses are suitable for: construction site housing, temporary residence, holiday house, temporary business, temporary office and other fields.
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