Hawaii has never been so SMOKING HOT for decades. Ever since Volcano Kilauea's unseen eruption began in May, Big Island of Hawaii has been covered by smoke, ash & heat. Lava destroyed citizens' properties and forced towns to evacuate. People there have lost their homes & tents or shelters are all they've got. Even worse, Hurricane Lane hit the island just days after lava finally slow down. It`s almost as if WWII once again, except there are not bombs but volcano rock ejections.

But things are not all so gloomy. People can still have something to look up to now that our Americamp Folding Containers have just arrived in Hawaii.

Our Folding Container House is the BEST design in the Industry. It is 100% folding. One unit can be easily set up in 4 minutes. It is 100% strong. The unit uses fire & water proof materials for wall & roof. The structure is galvanized and can withstand Hurricane & Earthquake. It is 100% Fashionable. Grey & White matching together, Simple & Symbolic, Tidy & classic. It is Easy, Economic, Practical & Useful.

We have the BEST quality of this unit. Before shipping out, all units will be trial installed to make sure every unit can function properly. The roof is the special design that make sure our users get free from the trouble of water leaking, which excels in some poor quality imitation. We also make it safer & stronger comparing to other similar products and we keep improving our design. Now, this unit is already shipped to more than 34 different countries & regions. This unit is cost saving, labor saving, space saving, time-saving and environment friendly and Perfect for emergency functions.

Besides this amazing unit, we provide Detachable Container House, Flat Pack Container House, Container Villa, Shipping Container House, Prefab House, Steel Structure Workshop & and other different kinds of houses. For more details, Please contact us by email:, or Whatsapp / Mobile / Wechat: +86-139 0280 8995.