Wellcamp Folding Container House for Labor Camp in Saudi Arabia

Basic Information

This prefab labor camp is totally set up with our new product folding container house. As customers’ required, we dispatched our installation engineer to guide on site.


Project Overview

Time: 2016

Location: Saudi Arabia

Type: Worker labor camp

Area: 3000m²


Challenges & Solution:

1. Tropical desert climate is the main factor that increased the difficulty of the project. Saudi Arabia is hot and dry. So we used hot and dry resistance sandwich panel, IEPS sandwich panel, for wall and roof.

2. The project area is large, if we use traditional prefab house, it will cost too much time to finish this project. We choose to use folding container house, the construction time of which is just about 10 minutes one set. We succeed in cutting down the construction time.



    STEEL: C section steel
    ROOF: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel
    WALL: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel
    DOOR: IEPS sandwich panel door
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window
    FLOOR: Cement board


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