2016 WELLCAMP Annual Party - Conference of Rongwei Group & Folding Container House


In Jan, 16th 2017, WELLCAMP prefab house factory held a grand party about 2016 annual and conference of folding container house. The theme of this party is The SAME AS YOU, showing our company purpose that we care for every refugee through offering High quality and inexpensive prefab houses just like anyone worldwide. In order to share this happiness and success, WELLCAMP invited many partners and all staff members to attend this annual party.      
                             WELLCAMP 2016 Annual Party
WELLCAMP Party Theme

During this party, we played video about the events of WELLCAMP in 2016, including Canton Fair, Qatar and Myanmar exhibition, CCTV interview, etc. We were proud of the establishment of the Guangdong RONGWEI GROUP and held the ceremony. We are dedicated to prefabricated house industry faithfully.                        
RONGWEI Group And Folding Container House

Besides the ceremony, we released our first folding container house microfilm, WELLCAMP, MOVING THE WORLD. This amazing film is totally designed, drew and musicalized by Wellcamp own team with full love hearts. We believe it will touch every audience in mind.                

Please kindly remember that WELLCAMP prefab house company is always focusing on producing the most comfortable and suitable prefab houses to you, dear customers. We appreciate your accompany and the advice on our products along this year. We promise to make a progress in the new year.                

Wellcamp, to be NO.1!

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