Wildfire Wiped Out California, Mud, Rain Ahead Of Victims


Back at 6:30 AM on November 8, a blaze of bloodcurdling speed and proportions, camp fire which was powered by drought and wind, inexorably hit the north of California, which was rampant for certain period, highly up to over 2 weeks. Based on the official analytics from the state’s forestry and fire protection agency, it is said until so far, the wildfire, the pre-historical destructive blaze, has burned 153,000 acres of Butte county to the ground, there are up to 200 of people still missing,and 90 people died. Burning 14,000 homes and hundreds of other buildings. The wildfire has been dampened down, ascribed to the assistance of certain precipitation in California which consists in “wildlife—urban interface,” the victims who were left homeless are forced to squeeze in some container houses, prefab houses from Guangdong Wellcamp Steel Structure & modular housing Co., Ltd. Wellcamp, which is 100% exporting factory focus one prefab house area for more than 14 years in China, rich experience in providing camp fire housing and temporary homes for the refugee. Till now it have already offered 200 units folding container houses and 50 units prefabricated houses, the less 560 units are still produce and it will be going to load around 10th, Dec.

WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Wildfire Wiped Out California, Mud, Rain A

WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Wildfire Wiped Out California, Mud, Rain A-1




It goes viral that mostly it is the overhead power tra mi ion line that triggered and drove this fire, in association with the accurate and precise reasons, they are still under investigation.On one hand, with thousands of thanks to the rain, it put an impetus on firefighter to put a brake on the blaze; On the other hand, given that the majority of refugees are retirees, the incessant rain together with mud aggravates and worsens the disaster relief concurrently. Conspicuously, it is still an urgent necessity to get countenance from people in each state and the government, looking down at the Butte county, the victims are unanimously pushing forward to confront with the aftermath which presents a phenomena of apocalypse interspersed with refugee prefab homes and container home.

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