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Why Choose WELLCAMP's Folding Container House



 WELLCAMP is a 100% export corporation in prefab houses industry with more than 17 years experience. Folding Container House is one of the best-selling product of WELLCAMP which is the NO.1 Folding Container House Manufacturer in China. WELLCAMP has the LARGEST Folding Container House sales to oversea markets. Folding Container House can be called the signature product of the new era of prefabricated housing. 

WELLCAMP Folding Container House

As a whole, the Folding Container House has a fully galvarnized steel structure. From top to bottom, the roof is the 0.6mm steel sheet+100mm glass wool insulation+steel ceiling. There are 40mm IEPS sandwich panels for walls which are enjoying the features of fireproof, waterproof and good heat insulation. And there is the 18mm fireproof MGO board for floor.

1. In fact, it's not just WELLCAMP that makes Folding Container House on the market, there are other companies as well. WELLCAMP, however, is not resting on its laurels, but is looking for a better user experience. From steel structure, plate and board to even screws, WELLCAMP strives to cover every detail with professionalism and sincerity. All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for more than 20 years without any building garbage. 

2. For storage-saving and freight-saving, 12 sets WELLCAMP's Folding Container House can be loaded into 1*40HQ, while other factories' can be only loaded 8-10 sets into 1*40HQ.

3. WELLCAMPs Folding Container House is used the anti-theft bolt rather than the normal bolt other factories use. In order to give users a sense of security and a more comfortable experience, Wellcamp also made container houses to be no leaking risk and even more firm and steady in terms of design. Because of this solid structure and plate composition, the Wind Resistance is Grade 11 and the Earthquake Resistance is Grade 8.

 Folding Container House Project

WELLCAMP provides customized design of different functions for choosing.  Folding Container House is suitable for the temporary office, accommodation, soldier camp, etc.

As the followings, here is a worker's camp project in Oman. This camp project covers a total of 7*40HQ, total 84 units of Folding Container House.

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news-Why Choose WELLCAMPs Folding Container House-WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP containenews-WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Why Choose WELLCAMPs Folding Containe-1

To be Better and Faster

    WELLCAMP is still making progress. This year, 2021, an updated version of the Foldable Container House came out which is a new product of the continuous development of Folding Container House. Firstly, for the updated roof, roof drainage varies from free drainage to organized drainage. Secondly, for the electrical system updated, the new Folding Container House is equipped with electric box, the overall circuit is perfect, only need to be connected to the external power immediately use. Last but not least, equipped with pulley, there is faster and more convenient for loading and unloading the Folding Container House Plus.

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Different Solutions for You

    No matter what kind of needs you have, please feeling free to tell us, we will provide the most satisfactory and most appropriate solution for you according to various needs.

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