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Why can China Hospital be completed in ten days?


First of all, you need an urgent order: led by the China Construction Third Bureau, on the 50,000 square meters of tidal flat slopes by Wuhan Zhiyin Lake, command 7,500 builders and nearly a thousand sets of machinery and equipment to the whole country and the suffering citizens of Wuhan Stand up and stand up-"Ten days, build a life-saving hospital with a capacity of 1,000 beds."

Then you need Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute to complete the design and construction drawings of Xiaotangshan Hospital 17 years ago in 78 minutes. Then submit it to Wuhan CITIC Architectural Design Institute without reservation, and the national survey and design master repeatedly advised the gains and losses of experience.

You need Wuhan Hangfa Group to quickly enter the site to start site leveling, road, and drainage engineering construction; at the same time, an emergency engineering construction team composed of two listed companies, High Energy Environment, and Dongfang Yuhong, is responsible for anti-seepage engineering, sewage treatment, and medical waste transfer facilities Construction 

You need the State Grid and more than 260 power workers work continuously 24 hours a day. Before January 31, complete the relocation of two 10 kV lines, the placement of 24 box-type transformers, and the laying of 8000 meters of power cables, and start power delivery on time.

You need Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, China Electronics, China Xinke, and other front and rear companies to cooperate closely and coordinate operations. After quickly completing 5G signal coverage in 36 hours, they also delivered cloud resources and core systems Computing and storage equipment and built a remote consultation system with the PLA General Hospital.

You also have to use food from outside China and grain and oil donated by COFCO to provide three meals a day for thousands of workers; Hubei Zhongbai Warehouse and Alibaba ’s Tao Xian Da will build a “contactless cash register” "Supermarkets provide workers and medical workers with a convenient and safe supply of daily supplies.

During construction, you need cement from Huaxin, fireproof coating from Hebei Junhui, galvanized round steel from Chia Tai Pipe, magnificent and energy-saving rubber and plastic insulation materials, 5931 toilets and faucets from Huida Sanitary Ware, and bay safety fire alarm 3500 sets of prefab house & container houses, three companies including Jiaqiang Energy Saving, etc., spheroidal graphite cast iron pipes of Xinhua, China municipal and construction pipelines of Yonggao, 4,800 sets of steel components of China Metallurgical Corporation, and 50 sets of Zhuzhou McMet Power supply equipment, 2000 valves of Shanghai Guanlong Company.

After the house is built and then renovated, you need 100 management personnel and 500 construction personnel of China State Construction and Construction Corporation to complete the indoor and outdoor ground rubber laying, bathroom and buffer floor tile laying, and the interior decoration tasks of more than 200 wards.

After the decoration is completed, you need a full set of more than 2,000 computer equipment provided by Lenovo Group and a professional IT service team stationed on the site; all public LCD screens provided by TCL Electronics; tablet computers provided by Xiaomi; Ziguang, FiberHome, Chianxin Provided network, and security equipment; Internet hospital cloud platform provided by Weining Health.

Professional equipment is indispensable. You need CT equipment from Lianying Medical, Shanghai Xintou, Neusoft Group, Weifang Yashi's ICU ward, and operating room special medical air conditioner, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association's thermal imaging chip, Shanghai Xin Nuofei's 930 sets of UV disinfection lamps, professional lighting equipment of Op Lighting, 2000 electronic thermometers of Lepu Medical and 700 finger clip oximeters, professional air purifiers of Huiqing Technology and Aojiahua, and medical service robots of Orion Star; Ou Yada Home Furnishing's property management team and bed supplies. 

All the above material transportation relies on domestic and global green channels jointly opened by Chinese logistics giants such as SF Express, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Alibaba Logistics Platform, etc., to transport relief materials to Wuhan for free from all over the world.

Finally, let the professional team install the Gree air conditioner, and wait for Haier's engineers to rush to the scene because the road is closed and carrying the refrigerator, and put the beautiful water dispenser and water heater in place. Outside the door, dozens of negative-pressure ambulances donated by Yutong Bus and Jiangling Group have been ready to go.

When you think of it, someone will always provide it in time; if you dont think about it, someone will provide it.

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