WELLCAMP Transformers Series 2018!


WELLCAMP Transformers Series 2018! 3 differnt models contianer houses  are Portable, Pop-up, Foldable and Exbandable. The Folding Container House can be set up in 4 minutes!

1*40' HQ can load 12 units! The 20' Expandable Container House is double the space of a 20' container and easy set up in 10-15 minutes. Can have rooms inside or just empty. 1*40`HQ can load 2 to 6 sets. The 40` Expandable Container House is the BEST one for camping, remote area set up, temporary meeting room and so on. All the FASTEST solution to replace other Prefab Container Houses. Moreover, we provide Flat Pack Container House, Detachable Container House, Pop-up Container House, Modular Container House, Shipping Container House, Prefabricated Container House, Mountable Container House, Prefab House, Prefabricated Labor Accommodation, Prefabricated Office, Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse/Workshop, Portable Toilet, Security Room, Refugee Housing, etc.

All to find out in our websites: www.prefab-house.com & www.containerhouse.cn.

Contact us by email: export@chinawellcamp.com or mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-139 0280 8995.

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