Wellcamp Light Steel Prefab Villa in Dubai Project

Basic Information

Dubai prefab villa house is one kind of prefab building system which adapts the peninsula with high temperature and dry weather. This project develops the holiday houses by installing our prefab villa house.

Key Challenges:
1. High temperature and dry weather require that the steel structure, roof and wall panel should be durable enough.

2. Gorgeous out-looking is important when designing this holiday house.

In this project, large numbers of durable and quality fireproof panels are used for the roof because of the hot and dry weather in Dubai.  
To create a beautiful appearance of the villa, the galvanized steel structure, concrete board and decoration sheet are used to decorate for the outside.
The lifetime of the concrete board is up to 50 years. Such a long lifetime board is recommended in the resort or holiday house projects.

    STEEL: Galvanized square tube steel
    ROOF: 50mm Rock wool sandwich panel
    WALL: 100mm Calcium silicate concrete board
    DOOR: Steel door
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window
    FLOOR: Cement board 

    DECORATION: Glazed tile for roof and PVC sheet for roof

The area of this project is about 500 square meters. Besides applied in the holiday house, this prefab villa house can also be built for the family house, resorts, luxury office and so on.

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