Wellcamp Warehouse With Office Steel Structure in Brazil Project

Basic Information

It is a steel structure warehouse combined with office, which is rarely seen in
Brazil local place. Because the construction area is large, it required large human and material resources. Now, let’s see this pre-engineered steel building.


Project Overview:

Time: 2014

Location: Brazil

Type: Steel structure building
Area: 4000m


The warehouse is used for products storage.


1. The span of the main structure is 6 meters

2. Separated workshop and office, offices on both sides.

3. The internal lighting access from wall and FRP tile allows the sunlight to come in.

4. Good ventilation.

Selling Points:
1. Detailed installation instructions in 3D models, with a serial number on each pillar.
2. The internal lighting access from wall design allows external sunlight to come in.


    STEEL: H beam
    ROOF: 0.426mm Color steel sheet
    WALL: 0.426mm Color steel sheet
    DOOR: Electric rolling gate
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window
    FLOOR: Cement board 

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