Wellcamp Prefab Expandable Container Cabin Project in Kuwait

Basic Information

As a sample project, our customer ordered 12 expandable container cabins which can be loaded in one 40HQ.


Project Overview

Time: 2017

Location: Kuwait

Type: Sample usage

Quantity: 12 sets



1. The technical and IEPS sandwich panel for wall and roof ensures the fireproof and safety the for the container house.

2. Because of the special steel structure design of this type of folding container house, one 40HQ can container 12 sets. 4 workers with 10 minutes can installone set, which saves the freight cost and the installation time.

3. Different pattern sandwich panel can be chosen.



    STEEL: C section steel
    ROOF: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel
    WALL: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel
    DOOR: IEPS sandwich panel door
    WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window
    FLOOR: Cement board


The expandable container cabin is for many purposes, such as accommodation, office, storage, etc.

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