How to solve the problem of keeping warm in residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-11
The temperature in winter in our country is generally low, and traditional houses cannot keep warm. In order to keep out the cold, every family has come up with various methods. However, the emergence of Wellcamp living containers has solved this problem and made winter no longer cold. For example, there will be many problems in the furnace in the house. If the coal is burned in winter, there are still potential safety risks. Because of the improper use of the burning appliance, many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning occur every year. In addition, it is particularly troublesome to make a fire frequently, and when it is cloudy, the whole village is often shrouded in a cloud of smoke. The living container has very good thermal insulation performance, because its design is safe and livable, and it contains thermal insulation layer and thermal insulation layer to avoid thermal bridge phenomenon. The house is very warm in winter and very cool in summer, real do the warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, it can be basically achieved that there is no stove in winter and no air conditioner in summer. The removable container movable house is an improvement on the movable board house. The Roof, four walls and the floor can be removed as parts respectively and assembled when necessary. This kind of container movable house is better than movable board house, which is a little cheaper than the fixed type of freight. The installation is faster than the movable board house, but it is not as fast as the fixed type of welding, firmness is between welded fixed container movable house and movable board house. The living container also has very good shock resistance, because he chooses light steel keel as the load-bearing structure of the house. The steel structure house has good toughness and ductility, can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 or above, and is very safe and practical. In addition, the construction speed of residential containers is also very fast. A 200 ㎡ building can be completed in only a few weeks, because besides the foundation, the materials needed for the integrated House are all transported to the site after the factory is produced and assembled like assembling a car, which not only reduces the construction difficulty, but also controls the quality of the house well.
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