Wellcamp Flat Pack Container House for Accommodation in China Project

Basic Information

This is our first order in China. Decided by the installation condition in the spot, we suggested that customer should install our flat pack container house instead of the traditional one.



1. When we call this house FLAT PACK CONTAINER HOUSE, for the pre-made steel structure roof and foundation, we would like to introduce it as a hamburger.

2. Installation time decline. Cooperated with the crane, fixed the panel between the roof and foundation, one flat pack container house can be installed, which is really convenient and time-saving.

3. Using our new fireproof panel IEPS SANDWICH PANEL for wall and roof ensures the safety of the house.

4. The integrality of the house ensures the waterproof safety of the house.



STEEL: Bending plate

ROOF: 50mm IEPS sandwich panel

WALL: 50mm IEPS sandwich panel

DOOR: Steel door

WINDOW: Aluminium alloy sliding window

FLOOR: Cement board


This type of flat pack container house is used for accommodation. Besides for accommodation, we can use it for office, store, security room and so on which all depends on you.


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