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The whole world is a big family. Everyone in the world wants a home. Maybe is a small family, parents and their kids in a house with 2 bedrooms and one living room. Maybe is a single people's hut, small space but can easy relax in their own place after working the whole day. It is warming and desirable. However, recently, disaster happened around the world and many people have to leave their home. Sad story happened again and again. Here, we --WELLCAMP with our products--Expandable Container House and Expandable Tiny House can help. WELLCAMP, welcome home.

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1. Expandable Container House.

Many people love this container house, it has large space, 5.8M*6.3M*2.5H, total 36.54 square meter. We have already made the light power, water pipe and sockets inside and provided with kitchenette and bathroom. The bathroom including all the things you can see from the left side picture. After installation, and link with local electric and water supply, you can live in with your package to have daily life.

It attracts people’s hart to have such shining home, however the price maybe a little higher for some people to afford. In this case, removing the kitchenette and bathroom will be cheaper a lot. The freight cost is another problem, so it’s better to have full ship container, which is 2 set in one 40HQ ship container.

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2. Expandable Tiny House.

It also called emergency shelter and can be used as portable House, temporary office, refugee Housing, affordable housing, tools shed, etc. No matter for what, it can satisfy the most basic requirements with the enough space. What’s more, the price will nice for most of people in the world who need a home. It’s only 500mm after folding. One 40HQ can load 20sets, friendly for shipping.

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3. Material and installation


We can see from the gram that the structure is galvanized steel structure which strong the wall. The roof of the expandable is made of 100mm glass wool which play a role in fireproof and sound insulation. What’s more, the bamboo composite board has the function of natural antibacterial, rust -proof, mite removal, deodorization and anti -ultraviolet. In terms of Expandable Tiny House, its major material is 40mm IEPS and bamboo composite board. IEPS is used to flame -retardant. Therefore, all of this material can help people who live in disaster, like the fire disaster and the bamboo composite board helps insulate the germ and provide a health living environment. Additionally, both of the container houses are designed to be water-poof, so it is antirust anyway. All in all, the conclusion is they are the house that can give people safety and healthy.


 Expandable Container House Expandable Tiny House
Structure Galvanized steel Galvanized Steel Structure frame, Square-tube beam & Sandwich panel combination
Wall 50mm EPS sandwich panel 40mm IEPS Sandwich panel

 100mm Glass wool +Steel sheets (main body) 

 / 50mm EPS sandwich panel (extension part)

 40mm IEPS Sandwich panel
Floor Steel structure + Bamboo composite board + PVC tile flooring 15mm DURAPLEX Bamboo Composite Board (Marine Level)
Door & Windows

 Aluminum up-swing window or double-glass sliding window (install in local)

 included pre-fixed electrical system and sanitary ware

 40mm IEPS Sandwich panel door + Aluminum Sliding windows with security bars


Expandable Container House--within 1 hour, 4steps can install 1house.

Expandable Tiny House-- only 2 min with 5 steps.

Ask two of your friends to help expand the roof, floor and wall, putting a few small screws in the small hole, and the screw knife rotating gently, and then you got the room you loved which only exists in your dream.

The Expandable Container House can install several wheels at the bottom, making the house easily and freely moving within small area.      


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Expandable Container House and Expandable Tiny House from WELLCAMP, always with an aim to help people, serve people and build a home for people.


As a 100% exporting container house factory, WELLCAMP have over 18 year experiences in the industry and in south China, which is the original manufacturer for prefab container house. We --WELLCAMP, have 3-4 appointed personnel to follow up on orders, giving you satisfying design, technique + loading + installation solution, and special team for after service. We are SGS verified supplier. Our quality system has been audited for CE, UL, ASTM, BV, SGS & S09001:2015 and we all obtained reports of approval. Therefore, the least thing to worry about is the quality problem of the products. No matter what products you choose and no matter what you use them for (for build a shelter or making money) we will provide you with the best quality products and services for you.

news-WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Expandable Container House-WELLCAMP-i-1

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