Excellent performance in 123rd Canton Fair


WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-Excellent performance in 123rd Canton Fair

WELLCAMP has successfully returned to 1 the 123rd Canton Fair! 

Folding Container Houses, Detachable Container Houses, Shipping Container House, Expandable Container House, all kinds of prefabricated houses, container houses & steel structure warehouses, Our products are praised by many customers. In the 5-days exhibition, We`ve welcomed friends from Asia, Australia, Africa, America and Europe for all kinds of inquiries. The most popular products are the Folding Container, Detachable Container, Container Villa & Prefabricated Labor Camp. 

The Folding Container is like a Portable Cabin. It can be folded and unfolded. Build 1 house in 4 minutes! The Detachable Container can stack to 3 floors high & can combine together for a bigger room! Even become a Container Villa! They can be used for site office, accommodation or resort villa for remote areas.Prefabricated Labor Camp is most frequently asked in the exhibition. It mainly applies to construction sites, oil factories and mining sites for labor accommodations, offices, shops, storage, canteen, clinic, etc. Steel structure workshops and warehouses are also very famous. Many customers asked to see showrooms.

During the fair, we successfully received plenty of orders for all kinds of prefab houses. Total we have more than 40 visitors in total from different countries and regions, including America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

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