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Good news has come. We have made great achievements in the 128th Canton Fair. Although this year, due to the epidemic situation, the 129th Canton Fair was still held online as scheduled, and achieved good results and attracted a lot of potential customers.

During the Canton Fair, our company's main products are folding container house and expandable container house, which are the highlights of this Fair. Our folding container house has the characteristics of simple and fast installation. Expandable container house is characteristic fast installation,too that can install two bedrooms apartment within 2 hours.In addition to these two container house, our company also launched a new folding flat pack container house which abominated with folding container house’s wall and flat pack container house’s roof, stronger than the folding container house and cheaper than flat pack container house.

During the online Canton Fair, our company received ten orders, with a total price of more than 1.5million dollar. Wellcamp is the leader in the prefabricated housing industry.

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