Wellcamp Bring You New Folding Container House in the 120th Canton Fair!

The 120th Canton Fair will be held in 15th-19th, Oct, 2016.

Different from last year, Wellcamp will bring you its new amazing product called FOLDING
. When it comes to container house, we usually refer to convenient and
recyclable. Compared with traditional container house, our new product is more easily to be
installed and loaded. 4 persons with 10 minutes can build up one folding container house.
As for loading, 1 shipping container can hold 8 traditional container houses but 12 folding
container houses! That's why we highly recommend you this fabulous goods in this year.

Just come and visit Wellcamp booth at 11.2 Hall, K37, then you will find you've discovered an
excellent team to handle all your problems about prefab house and a suitable company to offer
you what you want. We are sincerely to meet and cooperate with you!