working in a box: shipping containers used as retail, artist space at jersey shore

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David Macomber presents his mixed media artwork at the waterfront pier in Wildwood.
About 100 miles away, Sari Perlstein sells summer fashion staples at her Boardwalk boutique in Belmar.
Eddie katarano serves ice cream to the sun a few miles north of Asbury Park
The beach tourists are wet.
All three of them are shipping containers.
Buildings like Cedar
Shake home and Doo Wop Motel have long been linked to the Jersey coast, a new structure that is more closely linked to the Port of Newark Bay than the beach town on the Atlantic coast on the state\'s coastline
These metal boxes are not transporting manufactured goods by sea, nor are they piles of empty piles seen on the New Jersey toll roads, but are transformed into art, food and commercial spaces, reflecting from retail space to living areas, re-use of steel containers for greater movement for various purposes. \"(
Container is)really strong.
They were designed to move easily, \"said Steve Rolf, Cinnaminson\'s chief operating officer --
Headquartered in Sea Box, it specializes in the design, customization and manufacture of shipping and warehousing containers.
\"They won\'t rust.
Obviously you can isolate them and turn them into anything.
\"11 containers were used to build an artist colony called artBOX, which opened two years ago at the Adventure Pier in Wildwood.
Jack Morey, owner of Morey pier and waterfront water park, said the idea of the project stems from his interest in architecture and his trip to Christchurch, New Zealand, where, he visited a shopping center, which was built in containers after a devastating 2011-magnitude earthquake.
Morey said it was the first time he saw the container used in \"a popular cultural way that is really designed for the masses\", not low
End or extremely high-
Finally, I fell in love with it.
So we took a few containers and started trying to make a play dock with them.
\"The art box now includes studios designed for Macomber and other local artists, as well as a retail space with original art, print and wildlife goods.
Containers on the terminal are also used for other purposes, including food facilities.
Macomber, who is in charge of artBOX throughout the summer, says keeping the \"container feel\" while keeping the space useful is a big challenge.
He said he had to find creative ways to hang the art in order to maintain the atmosphere, but \"it did give it a unique personality because people came in, they saw how we had a fully functional art gallery, art studio and retail space.
\"Madison Marquette, developer of the boardwalk at Asbury Park, manages eight containers on the promenade for seasonal business.
Other containers on the boardwalk also provide public facilities, such as restrooms.
Kylie Turner, who manages Asbury Park Boardwalk property in Marquette, Madison, said the tenants responded well to working in an improved container that was first installed in 2008.
\"Due to the area and seasonality, they are one of the most popular spaces on the Boardwalk,\" she said . \".
Eddie katarano said that for the first time in the summer of 11 years ago, he opened his ice cream stand, Eddie confetti, on the boardwalk at Asbury Park.
He said he was hesitant when he had a chance to enter a seasonal space, partly because he thought 320
The square foot stands are too small.
\"I never thought it was possible to get all the equipment I needed in such a small space,\" he said . \".
\"Look, six years later, it started working.
It works absolutely.
Catalano said he still doesn\'t see the container as \"the most attractive structure\", but \"it handles the elements well and the weather well . \".
\"It even handled Hurricane Sandy,\" he said, relatively well.
The storm destroyed all his equipment, but Catalano said that although the other two devices on the boardwalk were washed away during the storm, the structure was \"supported \".
Sari Perlstein\'s Belmar building, which runs the No. 98 outlet boutique, is not very good in Sandy.
Perlstein, who rebuilt the store three blocks away with two containers, said she was already working on the structure of the home building and had sheetrock and lighting installed.
\"Once you\'re inside, you don\'t even know you\'re in the container,\" she said . \".
Perlstein\'s new store also has an added benefit: it is possible to move.
\"If there was a terrible storm, we could have the crane remove that thing.
We can take it away.
\"This is an advantage,\" she said . \".
\"Because if it becomes a building again, you will wave goodbye.
\"The portability of containers is one of the charms of nearby mantologin.
In the small town of Ocean County, after Sandy\'s flood, the autonomous city hall was torn down, and a container served as a beach badge sales office in the summer months, said mantologin Sheriff Stacey Ferris.
\"Very convenient. It\'s small. It\'s compact.
Very clean, \"said Ferris.
\"The trucks can put them down.
They can be picked up by truck.
\"We can put them almost anywhere,\" she said . \".
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