Why is the residential container widely recognized?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-06-10
Residential container is a new type of mobile environmentally friendly housing, which can quickly meet some urgent and temporary housing needs. So why is the residential container widely recognized? Today Wellcamp will take you to find out.

First, it can save space
Residential containers are the most widely used on construction sites, mainly because they can save space. Because the current land price is getting higher and higher, it is obviously unrealistic to free up a piece of land for the staff to build housing. The quality and comfort of the living containers produced now are very guaranteed, which can provide the staff with a good life. The space can be removed immediately after use without occupying land resources, which is very convenient;

Second, the construction period is short
In the pre-construction of the construction site, the requirements for the construction period are very tight. The use of residential containers can meet the housing needs in a short time without affecting the construction process;

Three, excellent quality
Residential containers can not only be built and used quickly, but also can ensure the quality of the house itself, and also have a certain fire performance. During the use process, residential containers can be built into workshops and warehouses. This is a high-quality temporary architecture;

Fourth, the material can be recycled and reused
The difference between residential containers and traditional buildings is that the materials used are different. Do traditional buildings use bricks, concrete, cement, etc. These materials are basically useless after the house is demolished. Steel materials can be recycled and reused after the end of the service life of the house, which promotes sustainable development and avoids waste of resources.

Five, high living comfort
In the past, the color-board houses gave people the impression that they were shabby, cold in winter and hot in summer, and the accommodation conditions were very poor. With the continuous optimization of materials and processing technology, the comfort level of today's residential containers has been effectively improved.

It is precisely because of the advantages of space saving, short construction period, excellent quality, low carbon and environmental protection, and comfortable living that residential containers have been widely recognized and used. In today's society where the country vigorously advocates low-carbon environmental protection, green buildings such as residential containers will also be vigorously promoted.
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