Why is container B & B popular with everyone?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-20
Container B & B is a kind of residential space which is time-saving and labor-saving in construction, and is green and environment-friendly. At the same time, it is also safe and comfortable. After customization, the space can be full of conception personality and complete functions. Container B & B mainly takes the container as the basic module, adopts the manufacturing form, completes the structural manufacture and interior decoration of each module in the factory with assembly line manufacturing, and then transports it to the project site, then it will be quickly combined into container houses with different styles according to different uses and functions ( Hotels, residences, schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc). Like electric vehicles and wireless Internet, it is considered as an important creation that may change the way people live in the coming decades. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient. In the traditional manufacturing method, first of all, from foundation to molding, it must be piled up one brick and one tile at the construction site, while container construction introduces container elements into the assembled construction system, it retains the concept of container shape and integrates the functions of overall movement and hoisting. After finishing the flow operation of single module in the factory, it can be produced in large quantities. It only needs to assemble and splice at the construction site, shortening the house production time by more than 60%, however, its method of replacing craft production with mechanized production can save about 70% of the labor cost and can be handled on site, so its material storage and construction safety are guaranteed. At the same time, the development of circular economy will be classified into strategic work, so that the existing containers will be taken as the fundamental module to refit the house, the existing resources will be fully utilized, and the use of container steel columns and side walls themselves will be the characteristics of building stressed steel structures, the free combination of container modular units forms the fundamental structure of house construction, which saves a lot of steel and concrete applications in the manufacturing process and achieves the policy of energy conservation and environmental protection.
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