Which fields will be applied to container movable houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-05
Container mobile House is a kind of mobile and detachable 'house', which is a flexible place for temporary accommodation composed of external container structure and internal necessities. Such features and functions are not available in other traditional buildings, and are also one of the selling points of container movable houses. So, in which fields can container movable houses with such functions and characteristics be applied? Which fields will be applied to container movable house 1. Construction site the construction site should be a scene where container movable houses are widely used. The service target is front-line construction workers who need night construction, providing a temporary shelter for this group. The well-known container activity room is more professional, meticulous and humanized in its interior, and its living experience is actually not lost to any single room in any hotel. 2. Field operation many field explorers and investigators sometimes need to collect specimens and conduct experiments in the field. If only tents can not meet the needs of life, especially in some uninhabited wild places, it is difficult to resist wild animals and various poisonous insects only by tents. At this time, the function of container movable house became very prominent, and the field work also became another application field of container movable house worthy of trust. 3. Rescue and disaster relief disasters such as earthquakes and floods are often accompanied by the homeless victims. The exposed environment not only makes the physical and mental health of the victims difficult to be effectively cured, but also may cause potential disasters and infectious disease threats. Therefore, in some areas where conditions permit, it is actually a better choice than traditional tents to use container activity houses to quickly build temporary residential places as a transition to post-disaster reconstruction. Of course, the application field of container movable house is far more than this, and it has also been applied in subway construction sites, some original tourist resorts and other fields. However, with the continuous humanized improvement and promotion of the living conditions inside the containers by the manufacturers specializing in providing container movable houses, the application fields of these container movable houses will be continuously expanded in the future.
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