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Where to find a Prefab House Supplier in China


Many people are in search of low-cost housing. They still want to have a balance between cost and strength. Prefab house suppliers in China are ideally situated to fill this gap within the market. Some of them can provide housing to many parts of the globe so far.


Properties of Prefab Houses

•Any China prefab house produced by a reputable manufacturer is safe to live in.

•In most cases, these structures also have a life span covering up to fifty years.

•Once inside a well-designed prefab house, it is difficult to believe that the house is not made of brick and mortar.


Modular Prefab Houses

Many companies in China produce modular houses of the highest quality. One of the main components of these buildings is the tubular steel frames. This kind of structure allows the prefab house supplier to produce buildings with extremely modern designs.

The tubular steel frames are solid. As a result, it is possible to build multilevel homes. In many areas of mainland China, you will find the most beautiful double story prefabricated homes.

This type of design makes it possible to produce buildings which can be used as large family homes. Although these homes are prefabricated, the structures are looked upon as permanent structures.

All of the wall panels and parts of the tubular steel frame structures are manufactured offsite, at the factory. Once all of the material is supplied onsite, it usually takes about 20 days to construct the building.


Container House Designs

These types of China prefab houses are constructed on the same design as what is used to make containers. Each unit has the same dimensions as a typical storage container which has a rectangular shape. It also has a robust metal framework.

These structures are often used as temporary housing or office space on construction sites. One of the reasons is that it is straightforward and quick to put together. Once the metal frame has been erected, it is an easy process of fitting the prefabricated wall panels.

If there are situations where there is limited space on a working site, it is not a problem with a container prefab house. It is easy to stack two of these container homes on top of each other. The stability of the frame makes it possible to use a crane to the left the steel structure and place it on top of the other structure.

One of the main reasons for using this type of design is that it can be used as a structure for temporary housing. This makes it useful for construction sites where workers move to the next work site as soon as their activities are completed. The house can be disassembled quickly and quickly reassembled at the new space where it is required.


Sandwich Panel Houses

These houses manufactured by prefab house suppliers have one huge difference when compared to modular and container homes, is the frame. Instead of having a metal frame, these houses have structures made from concrete. This leads to the name, sandwich panel houses.

When these houses are manufactured and erected, the prefab walls and sandwiched between the concrete framework. These types of apartments are also made in a variety of modern designs. They are usually smaller than modular homes and are single level houses.


Decorating Fabricated Houses

When you are in the market for low-cost prefab house, it is good to know that there are experts out there that are able to convert their designs into absolute masterpieces. Today they have many different colors of paints and stains which can be applied to prefab wall panels successfully.

As a potential homeowner, you are able to choose from a variety of colors and finishes. Some prefab home suppliers are able to produce homes which have the outside appearance of brick and mortar constructed homes/


Plumbing, Electricity, and Roofing.

China prefab houses can have the same finishing as traditionally built houses.


It is possible to have these houses fitted with complete bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. If required, it can even have a supply of running water.


You can have your prefab house fitted with the power to provide lighting for the rooms and all of the other living areas,


Often the roofing of these homes is made with some sort of corrugated metal sheets. Roofing can also be made from specially designed prefabricated panels which are able to be used as roofing panels.


Insulation, Fire Resistance and Sound-Proofing

When buying a prefab house, these are some of the factors that are compromised when compared with traditionally built homes.


The thinness of the prefab walls makes it impossible for the walls to offer sufficient protection against excessive heat or cold. Manufacturers are able to provide you with material which may be used to increase the insulation properties of the wall panels.

Fire Proofing

Most prefab houses offer to limit protection against fires. Over the past few years, some manufacturers have been experimenting with using materials which offer more resistance to fire for the manufacture of the wall panels.


The sound is able to travel through the thin prefab walls with ease. In this case, it is once again possible to consult with your prefab home manufacturer for advice.


Concluding Remarks

If you are in the market for low-cost prefab housing, there are many solutions to offer. Today many prefab house suppliers are able to provide a home or building according to your specifications. You are able to choose from a vast range of modern designs which are very durable and extremely decorative.

Manufacturers of prefab homes in China are able to provide permanent, semi-permanent and temporary solutions. It is essential to have a look at what your specific needs are. Then go out and find the manufacturer which specializes in what you are looking for. It does not matter if it is for building a house or for providing temporary residence for offices and accommodation.

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