What the Different between Wellcamp Expandable Container House and Others?


One our Australia customer want to enter prefab house business and begin from expandable container house, he checked from the Internet and found many price 

different for the same kind tiny container home, every prefab house factory insisted its container home is best quality. The customer is confused, and finally decide 

to sort out the remaining two suppliers from a large number of suppliers, one is our company, another is from Shanghai factory.

After he received the two sample mobile folding expandable container home, below is the feedback.

tiny home feedback

“Yours are better made & designed than the other supplier. Which i knew already from start”

A)Plumbing more well thought out & placed/hidden not exposed under floor to damage & protruding waste pipe etc

“B)We haven’t take out wheels/internal stuff to look inside etc. But i looked at your roofing / layout over the white one & i can see its better.

“Hi guys. We opened up your home today. Much better built than the other supplier. Well built & the finishes are better.”

Beside these advantage points the customers roughly compare, wellcamp luxury type expandable container home is much better than the labour camp type 

expandable container home, here are the results of our research and analysis of the market. We compare from steel structure, door, window, floor, pvc tile, 

ceilding and roor extended.Also some humanized designs, we have but other factory don't have, like hydraulic support, porch light, foldable shade,bottoom side 

adjustable support, adjustable movable wheels.

Expandable container house different

 Our tiny expandable home is USA,JAPAND and Australia standard, our water and electric system are suitable in many countries. More information about our 

mobile tiny expandable container home and want to get factory price, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

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