What special styles do container houses have?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-08
Container was originally a container for transporting goods, but designers turned it into a characteristic container full of creativity. This kind of waste container is carefully designed and utilized, and it can break through the limitation of accommodation land. It is convenient, movable, assemblable and has strong plasticity, and can play your imagination into houses of various shapes and categories. The following Hangji will give you a brief talk about five special container games, with high color value and eye-catching! The first kind of characteristic container play: single industrial style, which has various distinctive characteristics and is loved by young people. In the open place, build a container to live and work. There is no need to work numb in dense tall buildings, where you can have close contact with nature and come with more inspiration. A simple life, without noise, enjoys such happiness. Green fashion, bright colors eye-catching. The second characteristic container play: Container cluster, giving full play to the advantage of scale this is a container hotel in Costa Rica with 20 rooms, which provides a shortage of housing for this hot spring area. This area is different from the local common beaches, mainly surrounded by trees and rocks, and you can see the cloudless sky at the foot of independent mountains and volcanoes. With these conditions, the design concept hopes to coexist harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment while maintaining its advanced nature, combining jungle with luxury hotels. Nature is the most important concept, which makes the combination of architecture and the surrounding environment the driving force of design. The existing trees define the horizontal space (The site retains all trees) At the same time, the natural landscape forms a vertical vision. The building has an open view towards the landscape. Three rows of loose bungalows are built on plants. These bungalows are suspended on the slope terrain according to natural contours. The third characteristic container play: open, 360-degree panorama this placement strategy forms a 360-degree landscape, allowing every resident to have an exclusive landscape. Such a house, facing the sea, spring blossoms. Midnight hear the voice of the Sea blowing sea breeze. Watch the sunrise early in the morning. The fourth characteristic container play: tree house style, tree on the tree, the scenery on the tree is better, the combination of container and tree is also pretty cool ~ Build a wooden platform outside, leisurely. This is very suitable for areas with forest land resources. If you set up another one alone, it will not look good and be very stiff. The fifth characteristic container play: special-shaped combination, more prominent personality. This is also the style that everyone likes from technology to design. The personalized assembly mode makes containers different, become more novel and creative. With so many containers, there is always one that can impress you! Choose a place you like and make an ideal house for yourself. Wellcamp Zhongge color steel plate structure Co. , Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider for innovative application of containers, integrating design, research and development, production and installation, it can provide customers with professional enterprises in the whole industry chain of service such as planning consultation, planning and design, personalized customized production, sales and installation, and after-sales service. If you are interested in special containers, please contact us!
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