What should be paid attention to when installing residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-01
The widespread use of residential containers has caused the current shortage of the board house market. Just in this way, more and more people are investing in this industry, resulting in mixed quality of behavior board houses. After the container device is installed, it will receive sunshine, wind and rain in four orders a year, and oxygen and water in nature will cause erosion to the container, especially sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, which is more corrosive. Therefore, it is necessary to consider anti-corrosion when assuming Wellcamp to live in a container. The main point of anti-corrosion is to apply protective layer and spray antirust paint. When it is assumed that people live in containers, we should also consider the changes of components near the nodes, especially at some primary nodes, otherwise it will affect the layout of all movable houses, through a series of research notes good coherent pattern is close to the hinge, so the force is relatively symmetrical, and also double solid. In the process of practical production, transportation and assembly, the resident container will definitely produce deformation and the like. If we do not hold the inspection after the deformation, the device will emerge again, therefore, at the envisaged time, we must first define the deformation limit that can be accepted to prove the safety of the layout. The time of the color steel plate movable house in the device should pay attention to whether the surrounding environment of the device is suitable. If there are two layers, pay attention to the need to hold embedded parts welding between the two layers, and the device should come according to the request, cannot emerge leakage welding or false welding situation. If it is a low-altitude homework, the time of the device needs to be installed safely. Do a good job in anti-corrosion disposal and drainage disposal, water leakage cannot emerge.
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