What should be paid attention to in order to ensure the safe use of the prefab house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-06-08
As a new generation of movable environmentally friendly houses, prefabricated houses are widely used in the field of temporary construction, but many people who do not know enough about it often worry about the comfort and safety of prefabricated houses. With the continuous improvement, the safety and comfort of the prefab house have been further improved. As long as you pay more attention during installation and use, there is absolutely no problem in ensuring safe and long-term use. So what should be paid attention to in order to ensure the safe use of the prefab house?

First, after the site selection of the prefabricated house is completed, it must be subject to professional exploration. After comprehensive consideration of the geological conditions, surrounding environment, local climate, annual rainfall, whether strong winds and debris flows will occur, etc. , and then see whether it is suitable to build a prefab house;

Second, in the process of construction and use, the user cannot modify the structure of the house without permission, nor can he dismantle any bolt components, because the skeleton of the prefab house itself is a whole connected by various constructions. Inconspicuous screws may have a chain reaction, leading to major accidents such as tilting or collapsing. If you must make changes to the house, please contact the manufacturer and do it under the guidance of professionals.

3. Handling of some emergencies. Before the rainstorm, it is necessary to do a good job in the drainage treatment around the prefabricated house, so as to avoid the excessive rainwater entering the room and bottom of the prefabricated house, which will affect the quality and service life of the prefabricated house. Before the strong wind comes, contact the prefab house manufacturer to reinforce the roof, and tie the wind rope or other fixed objects around the prefab house.

Fourth, since the prefab house is composed of light steel structure as a whole, when using electrical equipment, the line cannot be directly tied to the steel structure, and barrier equipment such as wire pipes or wire troughs should be installed to prevent electric shock or leakage. happened.

The above are the precautions to ensure the safe use of prefabricated houses. As long as the installation and use of prefabricated houses are carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, the safety can be effectively guaranteed.
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