What problems will movable houses encounter in winter?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-20
The first is the problem of cold and frost resistance. The general container activity room is made of foam sandwich panels, and its cold-proof ability is certain. The cold-proof ability of rock wool box is almost the same, and the cold-proof ability of large corrugated glass wool sandwich panel is stronger. So now the container mobile House manufacturers are basically beginning to produce large corrugated glass wool boxes. What problems will movable houses encounter in winter? How to solve it? The following is a brief introduction to how to solve the winter problem of Wellcamp movable House: How to solve the winter problem of container movable house 1. The importance of boring winter and simple negligence of fire prevention: some users are in cold time, it is a very incorrect choice to choose to make a fire in the movable house. Although the foam box has a good cold-proof effect, but the fire prevention function is slightly lacking, the rock wool box is slightly better, the large corrugated glass wool will not spontaneously ignite, the burning will not cause an open fire, and it will self-extinguish. Second, the snow and ice cover, the internal top layer but water drops: it is generally thought that the container activity room leaks, in fact, because the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is large, resulting in the condensation of water drops inside the container, not water leakage. If there is a water leak, it must be when the ice and snow melt. Please report for repair. Regarding the frozen period, it cannot be repaired. Leaking local demand for glue, and the glue is difficult to dry in a cold climate, basically does not condense, so the demand is waiting for the ice and snow to melt completely before repairing. Third, the normal use of air conditioners: Sometimes the air conditioner does not heat, not the air conditioner is broken, but the inside of the air conditioner is frozen, the motor can not operate normally, resulting in non-heating. This is to use an electric hair dryer to warm up, perhaps to remove ice manually. Of course, these operations need to be done by professional personnel. If there is snow on the air conditioner in the mobile room, it should be sorted out in time to prevent unnecessary attacks.
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